12 Ways to Add Flavor to Chicken Thighs - Tasting Chart (2023)

12 Ways to Add Flavor to Chicken Thighs - Tasting Chart (1)


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Chicken breast seems to take all the glory when it comes to poultry. The ubiquitous ingredient is often touted as a staple of many clean eating diets and lean protein meals. But chicken breast can be finicky; It's easy to overcook and dry out, leaving you with a disappointing meal. If white meat is drying out your palate a bit, it might be time to switch to the dark side and bring some thighs to the table. Often less expensive than chicken breasts, chicken thighs offer versatile meal options when you want to shake things up in the kitchen.

Although dark meat is juicier than white meat, it never hurts to have a few tricks up your sleeve to add more flavor to your dish. Fortunately, chicken thighs are incredibly forgiving and easy to imitate with lots of different flavors. We've rounded up some of the best techniques for kicking chicken thighs into high-tasting equipment.

Buy thighs with skin

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In our age of convenience, it seems like a no-brainer to buy thighs with the skin already peeled. But maybe you should reconsider. We as consumers have become accustomed to buying skinless chicken, as the skin contains much of the fat in the meat. However, fat is a powerhouse of flavor, and you pay more to remove that flavor before your food hits the pot. save money andAlways buy your chicken with the skin on.

The skin not only adds flavor, but also retains moisture while the chicken thighs cook. By leaving the skin on during cooking, you create an environment for the meat to absorb and allow the melted fat to run over the meat. Of course, you don't need to eat the skin after cooking it, you can always throw it away. or you canget super crispy chicken skinusing a stone or weight to score the final trigger. Whatever you decide, leave the skin on while the chicken is in the pan!

Salt the thighs or pickle them before cooking.

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Salting is one of the most important steps you can skip.when it comes to your chicken preparation. There are two types of healing: wet and dry. Wet brining typically involves soaking the meat in a salty liquid overnight, while dry brining involves rubbing salt directly into the skin and meat of the chicken.

Water is the true enemy of taste. To this end, when dry salting, be sure to remove as much water as possible from the chicken thighs before cooking. This is especially important if you have the skin on the meat, especially if you plan to eat it. Raw, dry skin means delicious, crisp cooked skin. Drying the skin and meat with a paper towel is the first step. The next step is to rub the meat and skin with salt and place the thighs in the fridge for at least an hour while you prepare the other components of the dish. This ensures that moisture is drawn from the skin, meaning you get the most satisfying crispy crust on the outside as you cook.

you could tooMake a delicious brineto pull your chicken overnight. Soaking in salt for hours denatures the protein in the meat so it gently separates from the bone after cooking.

Use a splash of isopropyl alcohol in your marinade

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Like flakes, marinades are mixtures of spices and liquids commonly used to tenderize and flavor cuts of meat. You can support the marinating processAdd a splash of your favorite drinkfor your next chicken marinade recipe. Acid is a crucial part of a standard marinade recipe, and alcohol can be used instead of vinegar or lemon juice to act as a softener. The type of liquor you use really depends on personal taste, but wine and bourbon are popular marinades.

Of course, if you don't want the taste of liquor, you can choose to use vodka, which serves to smooth it out while letting the flavors of the other ingredients in the marinade shine through. Unlike saltingUsually, it is not necessary to leave food out for a long time.in a marinade A quick 15 to 30 minutes in their delicious brandy sauce is enough for the flavor and alcohol to soak into the thighs and they're ready to cook.

Use leftover pickle juice for an easy marinade

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You don't have to go to the bar to give your chicken an extra dose of flavor in the marinade. There's a good chance you already have a superstar ingredient sitting in your fridge waiting to spring into action. You can use pickle juice as a one-step marinade for chicken thighs. Finally, pickle juice is a brine loaded with spices, vinegar, and salt.

Pour the pickle juice into a Ziploc bag, add the chicken thighs, and let sit in the fridge for two hours. This allows the marinade to work its softening magic. Even if you're not the biggest fan of live cucumbers, you should still try this hack. Pickle juice will not make your chicken taste like seasoning; The brine, on the other hand, just gives it a nice salty taste. You may never use other marinades again once you discover this easy-to-try solution.

Give the thighs a little push before marinating

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Whether you use pickle juice, scotch, salad dressing, or your own secret recipe, before adding the chicken thighs to the marinade, be sure to pierce the raw meat several times with a knife or fork.Piercing the chicken is an important step.during marinating, as this allows marinades to penetrate the meat.

Make sure all the holes are done before placing the meat in the marinade and also before cooking the meat. You don't want to poke holes in the chicken before it goes into the pan, as this will drain the precious meat juices and leave the thighs dry. You don't have to tattoo yourself with the fork either, just a few pricks will be all your chicken thighs need to soak up all the flavor.

cook them low and slow

One of the biggest advantages of chicken thighs is that they are virtually impossible to overcook. Unlike chicken breast, which can become dry and rubbery very easily because chicken thighs are dark meat, the longer they cook, the softer they become. ThereforeChicken thighs are great for casseroles..

Sautéing is cooking food at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. This type of preparation is ideal for breaking down tough connective tissue and fat. When the connective tissue breaks down, it turns into juicy jelly, full of flavor and tenderness. You can cook chicken thighs in a 200F oven for three hours to remove the meat from the bone, or if you're short on time, you can compromise by raising the temperature to 325F and cooking in half the time. Either way, braising chicken thighs is a classic method that produces incredible flavor.

Use dairy as a marinade

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Yogurt isn't just a breakfast staple, it's actually agreat ingredient for marinades. Many Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines use yogurt as the base for their marinades. The secret is lactic acid. Lactic acid works in the same way as vinegar, alcohol, or lemon juice. A chemical reaction breaks down the lactic acid and tenderizes the protein in the meat. You can add herbs and spices to the yogurt while the chicken thighs are marinating.

It's no secret that buttermilk brine is an important ingredient in the preparation of buttermilk.traditional fried chicken recipe. Buttermilk serves the same function as yogurt, providing a lactic acid bath to tenderize meat before cooking. You can even combine two of our hacks into one delicious dish usingAdding brine to your buttermilk marinadeto make a super delicious sauce for your chicken thighs.

Don't be afraid of sweetness

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While it may seem counterintuitive, adding a dose of sweetness to your savory dishes really complements the flavors. Fruits are often used as an ingredient that can bridge the flavor circles from sweet to savory. mix a spoonStrawberry jam or other fruit in your marinadeor the sauce can really make your dish stand out.

Fruit pairs well with the rich notes of balsamic vinegar in a skillet sauce, or you can use a brush to paint the skin of chicken thighs before grilling. The sugars in the jam will brown and caramelize in the heat of the oven, adding a sizzle to the cooked crust. Depending on the flavor profile you're after, you can add strawberry, cherry, fig, or grape jam to your chicken thigh marinades.

save the drops

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If you cook chicken thighs frequently, you'll find that they tend to release a lot of fat into the pan as they cook. While your first impulse might be to get rid of gout, don't rush it. Fat adds flavor to most foods, especially chicken thighs. There are manyused for chicken fatcoming out of those delicious thighs.

Once the chicken thighs are cooked through, you can use the leftover fat to make a quick sauce. Pour some wine or chicken broth and flour into the hot fat and cook into a delicious sauce to pour over chicken thighs. You can also cook the vegetable or potato garnishes in fat to keep the chicken flavor throughout the meal. However you choose to use it, be sure to incorporate all of that free flavor into your food.

be bold with it

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Sauces are a great way to add lots of flavor. A quick pot sauce or aeasy garlic butter sauceit can really spice up a dish and take it from plain to out of this world without much extra effort.

Sauces tend to combine a mixture of fat, acidity, and spices that hold the dish together. Many sauces can be made with ingredients you already have on hand, such as butter, garlic, and onion. Use the same pan you cooked the chicken in to enjoy the flavor left over from the cooking process.Bone broth or broth will make your sauce silky and rich., complements the dark meat of the chicken thighs.

You don't have to flex your culinary muscles with sauces, either. Brushing the chicken thighs with bottled barbecue sauce before grilling gives you a sweet, sticky, and savory glaze that is sure to please.

Turn on the glow with citrus fruits

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It may seem like a simple addition, but sometimes the simplest solution is the best! Adding a little lemon juice to roasted or grilled chicken thighs can add a big boost of flavor to the finished dish. Fresh herbs such as thyme, sage or rosemary, and lemon juice are often added to sauces to enhance flavors. Citrus juice cuts through the richness of the fat and enhances the flavor of the dark meat.

Another interesting way to add lemon flavor to chicken thighs isRub the lemon curd under and over the skin of the thighs. Like jam, lemon curd may not be the most intuitive addition to chicken thighs, but hear us out. The curd actually serves several purposes; The sugar in the curd helps with caramelization, the fat bathes the chicken in moisture, and the lemon brings out that sunny citrus flavor.

Soy sauce adds tremendous flavor

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Haymany kinds of soy sauceavailable on the market. Soy sauce is a must-have staple in any well-stocked kitchen. I want you to spank oneTeriyaki Beef Sauceor just want to add a dash of umami flavor, soy sauce is the answer to your cooking question.

When it comes to chicken thighs, soy sauce brings out the dark, earthy flavor of the dark meat. A simple glaze that you can spread on chicken thighs or use as a marinade has just two ingredients: soy sauce and honey. Because soy sauce is such a versatile ingredient, you don't have to commit to just one Asian palate. The salty richness lends itself to almost any kitchen. Don't be afraid to add soy sauce to the bread sauce or an existing marinade to bring out the umami flavor that surrounds the chicken thighs. You may never order takeout again once you've perfected your own chicken sauce!

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