15 clues someone likes you based on how they text you (2023)

From changing the use of emojis to the questions they ask, there are plenty of ways to differentiate between how people text you when you like them and how they text you when they're just a chat partner. It is a subtle art, but really useful to decipher the messages of the person you like.

After all, texting isn't really the best way to communicate, especially when it comes to sharing your feelings. "Personally, there are many factors that you can usedetermine if someone likes you, "jonathan bennet, a certified counselor and dating expert, told Bustle. “This includes tone of voice, facial expressions, physical contact, and more.Body Language Indicators."

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It's so easy with SMSmiss a jokemisunderstanding a person's intentions or even ignoring the fact that they areflirtcomplete. But if he knows what to look for, the signs will be there. "If someone likes you, your texting habits will definitely change."Dra. Holly Schiff, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist, told Bustle.

In fact, she says that when people feel emotions, it's often one of the first things they make an effort to text. Not only is it an easy way to start the "talk phase" of a relationship, but it's also a casual way to see if they like you back, too.

If you recognize the signs and feel their heart emojis, ask them if they would like to meet them. When you're around, you can see if you have good chemistry. (You can even go straight if you're braveask if they like you!) Until that day comes, here they are A coupleways to tell if someone likes you over text,according to experts.


they respond quickly

While you can't expect someone to text you when you're busy at work or traveling, it's a good sign if your potential future partner makes an effort to reply as soon as possible. In fact, Schiff says that one of the safest methodsSign that someone likes you by text messageit's a quick reaction. It is his way of showing that you are a priority in his life. It's also a sign that he enjoys talking to you and wants to keep the conversation going.


Your texts are attractive.

They won't give one word answers like "yes" or "idk". Instead, they share how they feel, tell all about their day, and most importantly, ask questions.areLife. Basically, "their text message conversations become deeper and more meaningful," says Bennett, and it seems to becreate a greater bond.

This is true even if the person is not a big "fan" of texting. As Bennett says, they will try to do more than just share facts and information because they know it's important to you. (Once you get past the conversation stage, they might even admit that they don't like texting, but did it anyway because they were so excited to talk to you. Aww.)


They let you know when they are busy.

If someone likes you, it'll let you know when they're unavailable, perhaps because they're working, sleeping, or seeing friends, instead of leaving you wondering why they're no longer responding.

"This is an indicator of consideration for you and reaffirms that the connection is important."Virginia Williamson, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, told Bustle. "They may not want you to get the wrong impression if they're out of touch."


They apologize for leaving

While there's no need to complain after missing a message, it's a good sign if they quickly apologize for missing your message. "It shows they care because they don't want you to ask why they stopped responding to your messages and that they care about the connection you share," says Schiff.


They start saying "we".

Another sign that someone is in love with you? They start saying "we" and "us". As a relationship expertGary W. Lewandowski Jr., Ph.D, says Bustle, “These pronouns suggest a greater sense of partnership or shared identity (or what researchers callcognitive interdependence). In relationships, individuals merge and share their identities to become one. Using pronouns like we and us is a subtle sign that the process has already begun."


you share the praise

Pay attention to the therapist's compliments.Kimberly Hershenson, LMSWsays it's anothersigns they like you. They will find ways to tell you that you are cute, that you are funny, that they enjoy talking to you, anything that shows that they are interested in you as a person.

Compliments can also be his way of testing the water to see if you like him, so go ahead and respond in kind. can be stressfulflirt by text message, but this is a safe way to connect in the early conversational stages of dating.


They use nicknames

If you came up with cute or funny nicknames, go ahead and fall in love (slightly). "Using affectionate names like 'darling' or 'honey' are signs that they are falling in love with you," says Hershenson. Or at least willing to flirt and see how things go.

Although the person in question should notforearly - probably not For example, wanting a "hello baby" from a complete stranger, this could be a nice sign that they like you once you get to know each other better.


They find ways to prolong the conversation.

If your crush gives you a more than one word answer or asks open-ended questions, you can probably bet they're interested. "Even talkative people are speechless," she says.alexis dent, founder of XO Julieta. "We've all had conversations where we felt like they fizzled out, just because we ran out of things to talk about, even though we didn't want to stop talking. If the person you're texting with finds fun ways to prolong their interactions, It could be a sign that he likes you."


They start using heart emojis

Since it can take a lot of courage to send someone a heart emoji, especially if you really like them, receiving one should pique their interest.Rori Sassoon, a matchmaker and dating expert, told Bustle that it "shows that they put a special emphasis on sharing 'love'."

Again, if they've been behaving this way since day one, you might not want to read this. But if you've been chatting for a few weeks and the hearts start to appear more often, it might just be their subtle shapes.show that you care.


show concern

Is this person texting you to make sure you're safe at home? Do they respond quickly when you are going through a difficult time? Do they want to know something about your day? "Sure, you can't see facial expressions or hear sounds when you're texting," says Hershenson, but these habits are more indicative of genuine affection and concern. And who usually does this? people who have passions


you start to open up

Another way to identify mutual interest is for your texting to move beyond lighthearted small talk and into dating territory. You can share secrets, talk about worries and concerns, or write late into the night about your past.

As Sassoon says, these changes can indicate a deeper level of closeness and trust. SheI couldit even means that the other person has picked up on the feelings, as they are obviously comfortable and want you to know more about their life.


They share things that make them smile.

According to Dent, sharing things that bring them joy can show that they are in love with you. "Maybe they saw a funny meme or a hilarious TikTok. If they take the time to send you something to brighten their day, it could be a sign that they're not just thinking of you, they want you to share their joy." she says.


You write first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

"Take noteSesomeone is texting you”, certified trainerRandy Levinsays Bustle, especially if it's first thing in the morning or before bed. "If someone starts or ends their day with you, or stops by multiple times throughout the day just to say hello," she says, "you're more important to them than you realize."

It's significant because these messages come at the most intimate moments of the day, Sassoon adds, like when you just woke up and are still in bed. If you always say "good morning" and "good night," even if it's just over text, it's clear that you come first and become a priority in his life.


Your texts appear to be personalized.

It's one thing to get a generic "I hope your day is going well" message. Another very different thing is to receive a message tailored to you. This could show that they remembered an important date, such as the fact that you have a big meeting at work. What if it contains an inside joke? It is possible that love blossoms. These texts don't just show that this person is involved in your life, Levin says, the playful language shows that you're beginning to form a relationship.


In fact, they go to bed when they say yes.

When those late-night conversations need to end, it's always nice to get a "sweet dreams" text. However, sometimes it can be confusing to browse social media at the last minute and see that your crush is still up and active. "I'm not advocating freaking out or crossing the line, but if the person says she's alert, but two hours later she's out with friends and posts on Instagram, that's probably a sign that she's not being completely honest." he said. says Tooth. "On the other hand, if they really tune out when they say they are, it's a sign that they're building trust and really thinking about you, even before they go to sleep."


the conversation flows

Another sign is that it is becoming easier to have SMS conversations. "If they like you, they'll love the constant stream of conversation," says Schiff. It won't look like you're running out of things to say or "bothering" you with text messages. In fact, as soon as the conversation ends, they send a message to open a new thread. "As busy as they are, they want to show that picking you up and talking to you is a priority," she says.


Always remember to check in

Even if they don't keep texting, you'll find that they make the effort to check in at random times to ask about their day, relationship expert.Chloe Ballatorehustle on your knees

He may just want to know what you're up to or see if you're having a good evening, which is a great way to show he's thinking of you. It's also a good sign when they're learning something important and are coming up first to tell you, Ballatore says. It means that they consider you an important person in their lives.


You want more than just text

In short, the most telltale sign of all is the desire to go beyond texting,Dra. Christie Tcharkhoutian Kederian, EdD, MA, MFT, a marriage and family therapist, told Bustle. Do you want to make a call? Chat via FaceTime? Meet in person? If so, you may have a romance on hand, as it shows that you want to invest more time and energy.

If you've noticed any of these texting habits and seem to get along, there's a good chance it's true. Just try not to think about it too much until you've had a conversation.define the relationship. Until then, enjoy the moment, send him a text and see how it goes.


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