Discover Vancouver with Aquabus: a must-visit activity - Enjoy life in Canada (2023)

Visiting Vancouver and looking for an exciting activity? Look no further thanAquabus! This unique water transportation system allows visitors to discover the best of Vancouver. From spectacular views of the city skyline to access to the area's most popular attractions, a ride on the Aquabus is a must do in Vancouver. Read on to learn more about this exciting way to exercise!

Introduction to Aquabus in Vancouver

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Vancouver's Aquabus operates a water taxi service between Granville Island, Sunset Beach and other points along False Creek. It's a great way to see the city from the water and a convenient way to get around while visiting Vancouver attractions on or near Granville Island.

Benefits of exploring Vancouver with Aquabus

Discover Vancouver with Aquabus: a must-visit activity - Enjoy life in Canada (1)

Vancouver is a beautiful city with many attractions and places to visitAquabusIt's a great way to experience all it has to offer. Here are some benefits of the Vancouver Aquabus Tour:

  1. You'll see Vancouver's breathtaking scenery from the water.
  2. Aquabus tours are a great way to learn about Vancouver's history and culture.
  3. You'll have plenty of opportunities to photograph Vancouver's landmarks and attractions.
  4. Aquabus tours are a relaxing and fun way to explore Vancouver.
  5. You will meet other guests and chat with your guide about all things Vancouver.

Tips for using the Aquabus

Assuming you mean Aquabus in Vancouver:

  • The best way to buy tickets is through the official website. You can also buy tickets from kiosks, but they only accept cash.
  • If you want to use the Aquabus more than once, consider buying a day ticket. It is valid for 24 hours and allows unlimited rides.
  • The Aquabus runs every 15 minutes, so you don't have to rush. Take your time and enjoy the ride!
  • Make sure you have small bills or change with you to pay for your ride. Drivers don't take too many changes with them.
  • Sit back and relax! The view from the Aquabus is beautiful and you get a great taste of Vancouver's unique layout.

Popular tourist attractions (e.g. Granville Island, False Creek, etc.)

There are many popular tourist attractions around Vancouver that are easily accessible by Aquabus. Granville Island is a must-see for visitors with its unique shops, markets, and the Granville Island Public Market, which offers a variety of local produce and goods. False Creek is also a popular destination and is home to Science World, the Vancouver Aquarium and BC Place Stadium. There are many other great places to explore in the Vancouver areaAquabusSo check out the full list of stops before you head out!

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What awaits you on board the Aquabus?

Discover Vancouver with Aquabus: a must-visit activity - Enjoy life in Canada (2)

Assuming you mean Aquabus in Vancouver, BC:

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The Aquabus is a great way to see and explore Vancouver without having to drive. It is a ferry between False Creek and Granville Island with stops at English Bay, Yaletown and Science World. The ferry is covered so you can enjoy the ride even on rainy days. The best part is that the all-day pass is only $5, making it very affordable.

When you board the Aquabus you will be given a route map to help you plan your trip. There are two decks on the ferry where you can sit inside or outside. Sitting outside gives you a better view of the city during the cruise. There are also benches on both decks where you can sit and relax while enjoying the ride.

The Aquabus is a great way to see Vancouver and its sights. It's an inexpensive and fun activity that everyone should try when visiting the city.

costs and working hours

Vancouver's Aquabus ferry service operates from morning to night, making it a convenient option for visitors to the city. A one-way ticket costs just CAD 5.50, making it an affordable option for budget travelers. Aquabus also offers several passes that give discounts for multiple journeys. So be sure to inquire about these options when buying your ticket.

Alternatives to exploring Vancouver by Aquabus

Besides the Aquabus, there are many other ways to get around Vancouver. Water enthusiasts can go stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking on English Bay or False Creek, while those who prefer to stay on land can explore one of Vancouver's many green areas such as Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park or Capilano Park. Numerous hiking and biking trails throughout the city provide great views and photo opportunities. For those who want to see Vancouver from above, consider a helicopter ride or a trip to the top of the Vancouver Lookout Tower. And of course, no visit to Vancouver is complete without a ride on the legendary ferry to Granville Island.

Vancouver Aquabus-routes

If you're looking for a unique way to explore Vancouver, you've come to the right placeAquabus! This water taxi service is available in English and French and offers a variety of routes throughout Vancouver. Whether you want to explore Granville Island, False Creek or even downtown, Aquabus has a way for you.

Most importantly, the Aquabus is an inexpensive way to see Vancouver from a new perspective. A one-way ticket costs just CAD 3.50 or you can purchase a day pass for just CAD 9.00. With prices so cheap, it's no wonder the Aquabus is one of Vancouver's most popular tourist attractions.

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So get in and enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Aquabus?

A: Aquabus is a small fleet of boats that provides ferry service in the False Creek, Granville Island and English Bay areas of Vancouver. These boats can be used for various purposes such as sightseeing, transportation, excursions, etc.

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Q: How do I buy Aquabus tickets?

A: You can buy Aquabus tickets at any Aquabus counter at various stops along the route. You can also buy tickets online via the Aquabus website or the Aquabus mobile app.

Question: Where does the Aquabus go?

A: Aquabus runs around False Creek, Granville Island and English Bay in Vancouver. Boats stop at several locations along the route, including Yaletown, Science World, Olympic Village, Granville Island, Hornby Street, Sunset Beach, and more.

Q: How often do the Aquabus boats sail?

A: The frequency of the Aquabus depends on the time of day and season. However, during the high season (May to September) the boats usually run every 5-10 minutes.

Q: What can I see on the Aquabus?

A: During the Aquabus ride you can enjoy beautiful views of the Vancouver skyline, False Creek and the surrounding mountains. You can also check out attractions such as Science World, BC Place Stadium and Granville Island.

Q: Can I take a bicycle on board the Aquabus?

A: Yes, you can take your bicycle on board the Aquabus. Each boat can accommodate up to four bicycles.

Q: Is the Aquabus wheelchair accessible?

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A: Yes, all Aquabus boats are fully wheelchair accessible.

Question: How long does the Aquabus take from start to finish?

A: The duration of the Aquabus ride depends on the route and the number of stops. However, it usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to travel from one end of the street to the other.

Q: Can I take my dog ​​on board the Aquabus?

A: Yes, you can take your dog on board the Aquabus. However, they must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.

How long does the ride with the Aquabus take?

Let's say you want content for a blog titled "Discover".Vancouver door Aquabus: a must for visitors:

The Aquabus is a unique and affordable way to see Vancouver from the water. With multiple routes and stops throughout the city, this is the perfect way to experience all that Vancouver has to offer. Plus, it's a great way to avoid traffic! But how long does it takeAquabusMotivation?

The answer depends on the chosen route. Aquabus offers three main routes: Granville Island, False Creek Ferries and Canada Place. Granville Island is the shortest route, taking just 10 minutes from start to finish. The False Creek Ferries route takes 20 minutes and the Canada Place route takes 30 minutes. Regardless of the route, a scenic ride awaits!

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How does the Aquabus work?

(Video) Granville Island in under 5 minutes - Vancouver Canada

Aquabusis a water transportation system that connects several points along False Creek in Vancouver, BC. It's a great way to see and get around the city without traffic jams. The Aquabus fleet consists of 12 boats, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

OfAquabusRuns regularly with boats departing every 15 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours. The fare is collected at boarding and is valid for 90 minutes, allowing passengers to hop on and off at any of the 13 stops along the route.

Who owns Aquabus?

Aquabus has been a family-run water taxi service in Vancouver for over 25 years. The company is owned by brothers Mike and Alain Ducote, third generation water sports enthusiasts. Her grandfather started a water taxi business in Montreal in the early 20th century and her father ran a similar business in Vancouver in the 1970s. Aquabus operates a fleet of 12 boats serving 11 stops around Vancouver, including Granville Island, Science World and the Vancouver Convention Center.

How often does the Aquabus run?

Assuming you're interested in a detailed answer to the title question:

OfAquabusruns every 15 minutes from 6:30am to 9:30pm, seven days a week. The express runs every 30 minutes during peak hours (weekdays 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM and weekends 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM).

How much is the Aquabus ride in Vancouver?

Aquabus is a ferry service operating in Vancouver, Canada. A one-way ticket costs CAD 5.75 for an adult and CAD 2.90 for a child (2-12 years old). The family pass, which can accommodate up to two adults and four children, costs CAD 16. Seniors (65+) and students (13+) with valid ID can ride for CAD 4.50.


Discover Vancouver fromAquabusIt's a great way to experience the city in a different way. You'll see some of the city's most famous landmarks and admire the scenery on both sides of False Creek. The adventure doesn't end here; Once on land, you can explore Granville Island and visit one of the many attractions or spend the evening in one of the lively restaurants and pubs. Whether you're going to Vancouver for a few days or just want to take a tourAquabussure to be an unforgettable experience!

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How long is aquabus ride? ›

Fun and affordable 25-minute sightseeing cruises. No reservations needed. Continuous service 7 am - 10:30 pm (9:30 pm winter) daily, year round.

Where does the Vancouver aquabus go? ›

There are 8 stops in total: Hornby Street, Granville Island, David Lam Park, Stamps Landing, Spyglass Place, Yaletown, Plaza of Nations, and The Village.

Why is Granville Island famous? ›

The charm of Granville Island lies in its unexpected mix of uses. The famous Public Market, open daily from 9 am to 7 pm, is home to more than 50 independent food purveyors and contributes to the Island's appeal as a renowned culinary destination.

How often does aquabus run? ›

The Aquabus's 13 vessels make stops up and down False Creek every 15 minutes or less, so you never have to wait long for a ride. All of our routes are wheelchair accessible and bike-friendly. Hop aboard our iconic rainbow boats to enjoy the spectacular Vancouver skyline from a unique and impressive vantage point!

How do you pay for Granville Ferry? ›

All tickets may be purchased on board the ferry and some tickets can be purchased here on our website. We prefer that everyone pay with a TAP enabled debit / credit card, and we have credit / debit terminals available on board all ferries. We also accept cash on board all ferries.

Can you pay cash for aquabus? ›

You can walk on and pay the boat "Captain" Its not expensive so just bring cash they do accept cards also.

Does the aquabus take cash? ›

We accept credit, debit, and cash on board all of our vessels.

Can I use the compass in the aquabus? ›

No, Aquabus Ferries is a private company and is not associated with public transit. The only ferry that accepts a bus pass or Compass Card is the Seabus, which runs between downtown Vancouver and the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

Can you stay on Granville Island? ›

Experience Vancouver

As the only hotel on Granville Island, our exclusive boutique accommodation offers a unique luxury stay within walking distance of some of Vancouver's most iconic attractions, many of which can be accessed via the famous seawall right outside the hotel.

Is Granville worth a visit? ›

Granville is a walled town built on a rocky outcrop. With its old townhouses, cobbled streets and ramparts, a visit to the Haute-Ville is a must. From the historic centre of Granville, a lovely walk takes you to the Roc headland, where you can visit the Roc des Harmonies aquarium and the semaphore.

Is Granville Island fun at night? ›

Evenings at Granville Island are enough to turn even an early bird into a night owl. With one of North America's best Public Markets, and close to 200 artisans, artists, makers and retailers across the 40 acre “island”, it's a common misconception that Granville Island is a daytime destination.

Can you walk onto Granville Island? ›

To reach Granville Island on foot, make the 15-minute walk from downtown Vancouver to the south end of Hornby Street. Aquabus Ferries depart from here and deliver passengers across False Creek at the Granville Island Public Market, which has a slew of food and other stalls.

What is the meaning of Aquabus? ›

An arquebus (/ˈɑːrk(w)ɪbəs/ AR-k(w)ib-əs) is a form of long gun that appeared in Europe and the Ottoman Empire during the 15th century.

Who owns aquabus Vancouver? ›

Our Story. The Aquabus been serving False Creek and the surrounding area since its inception in June of 1985 by owners Jeff and Margot Pratt.

Do you need cash for Granville Island? ›

The Farmer's Market vendors only take cash but there are ATM's and banks nearby.

How long is the ferry ride to Granville Island? ›

Sailing Time: 15 Minutes. Ferries depart Granville Island at :03, :18, :33, & :48 past the hour. Ferries stop en route at Aquatic Centre at :07, :22, :37, & :52 past the hour.

How to get to Granville Island easily? ›

Getting to the Island is easily accessible by bus if you're at a Vancouver downtown accommodation like L'hermitage Hotel. Simply take the #50 False Creek bus to the intersection of Anderson Street and West 2nd Avenue. If you've rented a car for the trip, it's a 6-minute ride from L'hermitage hotel Vancouver.

Can dogs go on aquabus? ›

All our routes are wheelchair, bicycle, pet and stroller friendly. One of False Creek's destination highlights is Granville Island. Check out this short video featuring Aquabus and a brief tour of some island features!

Who owns Plaza of Nations? ›

Originally built by the provincial government, the Plaza of Nations has been privately owned by Canadian Metropolitan Properties Corp.

Does aquabus take credit card? ›

Yes! We accept credit, debit, and cash on board all of our vessels.

Are dogs allowed on the water taxi in Vancouver? ›

As with all Vancouver public transit (except HandyDART buses), small pets are allowed in enclosed carriers on your lap.

Are dogs allowed on the Riverwalk boat ride? ›

The boat tour dogs are not allowed. We had some family with us and they had to leave their small dog in the room. However, some of the restaurants do and some don't. Their a tons of restaurants and bars on riverwalk and we saw a lot of outdoor seating for families and their dog.

Who bought Expo land? ›

This 5 hectare site was acquired by Oei Hong Leung of Singapore in the 1990 at a cost of 40 million dollars from Li Kai Sing, who had purchased the entire Expo 86 lands for 320 million. Mr. Oei held on to the property which today is valued around 800 million dollars, a lift of 2,000 percent in 32 years.

Who owns Plaza of the Americas? ›

The property is owned by M-M Properties and Clarion Partners.

What was the capacity of the Plaza of Nations? ›

The sheltered plaza had a capacity of 4,500 for performances.


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