Princess of the Nile returning from a manhunt in honor of her special religion of peace, from Wings Of An Angel (2023)

It's absolutely impossible to keep up with Scott Lawlor and Wings Of An Angel albums. These musicians release a new album almost every month, and that means there are literally dozens of albums from each. Wings Of An Angel offers practically their entire discography (close to a hundred albums) for a name to match its price, but first you have to know what you're getting into with this kind of music. Of the many albums he's picked up, this one in particular and I'm not sure how many of these tracks he could handle over a longer period of time. But read on, because this dark cloud has an intriguing silver lining. The record began with an almost unbearable, unbearable sound that sounded much worse than fingernails scratching on a blackboard. It took a lot of willpower to get through this and there were times when I had to shut everything down to keep my sanity. You have to understand that these tracks are very long, most of them in double digits and one in particular is half an hour long.

Fortunately, the record slowed down as it went along (and yes, I listened to this record from start to finish) and I got to the third track of four (the song titles are ridiculously long, so let's call). is the third track) I started to hear an enigmatic sound pattern. I mean this record can shape your soul. It's downright painful to listen to and not for the faint of heart. If this is the sound of horror, as gruesome and moving as it is, well, Wings Of Angel did a fantastic job of capturing it. There are people who can go crazy if they are left alone with this type of music for a long time. You can even manage to turn a relatively normal sane person into a frenzied madman after long exposure to these albums (if they look alike I don't know) and I'm not kidding. Obviously, the composer puts a lot of work into these pieces and I don't want to embarrass his art here, as he wouldn't much appreciate mine being torn to pieces as well; but I will say that it is a very tiring listen that only those with an iron stomach could bear calmly.

The only real track I liked here, but found it terrific, has a silver lining, namely the ending, titled "In a typically histrionic fit of desperation, he participated in circus training for clowns in sexual danger," which is an intriguing and utterly profound ending. meditative atmosphere. The artist in question believes that he is a magician and most likely he will fall into chaos. The music here should then be an extension of one's emotions, be it severe trauma or meditative calm. Regardless, the end of this recording consists of what I can describe as one of the most relaxing and uplifting tracks I've heard outside of my personal collection of atmospheres. I hope there are more pieces like this in the artist's long discography, and I will enjoy using this music for the doctor-recommended meditation I do because of my severe anxiety about the world and society in general.

"What starts out as utter madness ends with the most comforting and unexpected feeling I could have hoped for from a record of this nature." John Zorn is mentioned, but I really don't think you can talk about that kind of approach unless it's people like Zorn, Roach and a bunch of others who have this music for what it is. Obviously, the initial chaos isn't very indicative of Zorn's work, but that doesn't mean it wasn't influential.

Interestingly, for me the title is actually more interesting than the piece itself. When I first saw it I thought it roughly translated "Isis or what shall we say ISIL/Daesh and of course Islam, considered by its followers as referring to a religion of peace" means. Alan Moore has always called them "Muslims "and it's clear they've been fighting the same wars for as long as humans have existed. Yes, it's been so long. Even stranger was the fact that I came across a man who practiced Zoroastrianism. Apparently this is making a comeback as well. So I hope for people to start anointing graves with menstrual blood again while worshiping Venus of Willendorf. Let's go back to the end, why not? Obviously seeing a man (actually here in the US) seriously practicing Zoroastrianism ( apparently he joined an occult group that was looking for a way to increase their membership and that's how i came across it but nowadays it's not (important) it's been something i found profound as it literally predated christiani smo and Islam for a great number of years. Anyway, humanity is certainly changing for some strange and unknown reason, so I'm a bit stumped. One day I wouldn't be surprised when the news in the Nordic regions started covering the Frost Giants, I'd just take a sip of my coffee and watch them feed our frail human armies and play basketball with their armor rolled up.

But in all honesty, you really should give it a listen, as I find it quite obnoxious and sensually pleasing at the same time. It's literally a strange feeling of balanced chaos, which I'm a little curious to find out more about. But I only have ninety-three other albums on this list, which you can also see by visiting the artist's Bandcamp page. Just be sure to search for "Wings Of An Angel" and not "On The Wings Of An Angel" where you'll find that ridiculous Sarah Mclachlan track that's been used over and over again in oversaturated and excruciatingly long ASPCA commercials. I hear that most of these animals are shipped to China anyway, and if that worries you, you should probably have your pets spayed and neutered as recommended by the great Bob Barker. Error!

(4 titles, more than 100:00)


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“I would say my favorite track is number 3, it reminded me of a weird combination of early John Zorn improv combined with Jimi Hendrix psychedelic bass, I know a weird combination.
After the deafening trio, the album ends with the last track, which is a bit loud but not as loud as the first three, but has a sing-along edge to it. This is a great album and I look forward to more experiments with noise and chaos."

"Wings, I just wanted to say that your work really speaks to me on a deep personal level and I really appreciate and love your work."

"Despite the playful titles, the music feels thick, almost like the admonitions of a spirit searching for direction."

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