There are no new clothes for a year (2023)

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I have always fascinated the use of a temporary timeline to change a great life.JanuaryAs a step for greater sobriety orWithout meat on MondaysAs a transition to vegetarianism, a manageable way seems to be addressing a goal.

As an old Catholic, I liked the idea of using Lent as time to consider and influence change, rather than simply giving up something arbitrarily, just to resume it 40 days later. I don't follow this religion anymore, yet the spirit of it.Time lives for me.

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I said beforeGet inspired by Barbara Kingsolver's bookAnimal, vegetables, miracles, where Kingsolver and his family decided to eat as locally as possible for a year. The book was published in 2007 and ended with the Kingsolvers family, which committed a lot to this new lifestyle during the first year.for what they couldn't do local farmers and producers.

This book is now 15 years old and although it is over positively, I often wondered if the change to Barbara and her family was really permanent. You can imagine my joy when I noticed.A contribution from Instagram KingsolverThis shows that the past period prize of vegetation in your kitchen and in your pantry is saved (the next publication contains several images. So click to show them all).

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A contribution shared by Barbara Kingsolver (@Barbara.KingSolver)

Our family recently died a year laterDr.Steven Gundry plant paradoxDiet and now it's a complete lifestyle change for us. Health has significantly improved last year, but I believe a manageable goal has contributed to doing so to allow it.You can read more about our experiences here).

In view of all these conversations about life changes on a timeline, I probably can imagine my intrigue when this tweet recently found my feed:

The author of the tweet isAmory Sivertson, a composer and musician (Listen to your new album here) and producer and podcast presenter currentlyEndless topicGiftMade here in Boston by Wbur. Who learned this tweet on this tweet was Amory's "maybe more) without new clothes."

It was not a completely strange idea for me because I tried to reduce my own fashion consumption.Author and Journalist Amelia PangLast year, I noticed some of the labor problems regarding our modern fashion practices, especially in Xinjiang, China. After this conversation, I decided to avoid clothes and be more specific and reflective if I am new Kauf items, my family, boughtRegularly in second -hand stores and tried to avoid new hurried dresses, which are usually for sale in shopping centers and discount stores.

However, a year without new clothes was a new way of establishing this behavior and wanted to understand the motivation behind it.

The first spark for this year without new clothes came from a change of clothes that Amory's girlfriend, Jessica Coughhlin, organized. This whole autumn and spring sauce started as a regular event. He really inspired them.

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"These exchanges are really magical because they can have a dozen women together in a house. Yeders leave their things out. They are organized in batteries. They have pants, have clothes, bedroom clothes, blouses, they have blouses, they are blouses, theyThey have a sweater, they have jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, they have shoes. It's amazing. We stopped in a big circle and walk and imagine and say what we are looking for. "

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Sharing clothes becomes a social event. If a woman had a certain need (for example, a certain aspect she was looking for or had a nearby event), the others would help identify possible games. When the former owner and the new owner connectthrough a piece:

“I took a woman's skirt, it's a rose bell -shaped skirt.Bringing the skirt with me, stay by my side and she says, "I brought me. It was hard to bring him here tonight, but I think I'm ready to let him go. I had many times with it."

“And I said, 'You know that tonight also brought some things like tonight where I love it. It's a good way, but we had a good career and I think I'm ready."

"And this is a different type of unexpectedly sweet element that you not only take another memories.

"I turned away from this exchange with some of my favorite articles and immediately took one of them for a television appearance because I loved it so much."

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The exchange made Amory rethink her relationship with clothes. All these women had additional clothes in their cabinets they no longer wear, but they still had a lot of wear.

After changing clothes, Amory's mind changed and she resisted the directed Instagram ads that offer her elegant clothes with one click. It was a step further and decided to turn it into a New Year resolution:

"I buy nothing new for all 2022. I'll do swaps, I'll go to the second hand store. I can stand in a vintage store."

It is not necessarily a difficult and fast rule. Aamory still buys certain items, such as underwear and socks. It is also a broker and buy new shoes, although trying to stretch how long a couple cling to before replacing it.

Part of the goal is to eliminate "fast fashion" trends that are popular in shopping malls and ads on -line.double clothesthat they did in 2000 and we areWear our leastYDiscard more of them.Mory believes we have to put the articles in our closet a higher value and selected items that bring us a spark.

"I remember how I was buying as a child and brought something home. I could barely wait to make the fashion show in the living room. I could barely wait to take the thing to school the next day."

I am fascinated by AMOY resolution not to buy new clothes and I thought of trying for myself. If you are also interested in reducing the amount of clothing, buying Amory and my own experience to start:

  • Check the second hand stores and vintage stores.Many objects are still very wear and tear and you can even find clothes that still contain the labels.

  • Enter a group "Nada" on Facebook.This consists of neighbors that offer articles that you no longer need for free. You can give or borrow something.

  • Organize a change of clothes:My children's school has an annual change of clothing, similar to Amory. In a school environment where children always grow, this can be particularly useful. External equipment, such as snow pants and waterproofing, are excellent discoveries, but evenRegularly the clothes are useful.

  • Calculation of clothing transactions and emails:We probably provide all our E -mail address when we resign to an order to get an action like free shipping.However, this can lead to the tempting electronic tempting to new products or special discounts. Executes these and emails to reduce the need to buy things because they are good companies.

  • Provide more durable assets than will take:Instead of driving for cheaper clothes that fall faster, they invest in high quality items that take the most time. I bought a leather belt fromHank beltThis has a 100 -year warranty and has only become more beautiful with age.

  • Check the clothes worn online:Neither Amory nor I use them, but as sitesPoshmarcaYou can help you find second -hand clothes in a size or style exactly what you need.EBayBy a fraction of what the new would cost.

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A contribution shared by Heath Racla (@heathracela)

Amory also recognizes the role that marketing can play in our desire for new clothes, especially if it occurs in the form of specific online advertising. She believes it is important to consider when we are marketed and marketed this pressure to resist.

"If we can take a break and say, I don't need to, or I can find something special that this expensive thing is pushed toward me, probably in a second hand business."

Would you consider buying new clothes for a year or more? I definitely think of myself and I think it could be a fun experiment that can lead to biggest lifestyle changes.

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