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The endless typing was only audible on Kyle's computer. Clicking on links, websites, videos, maps, everything he could to protect Mysterion's identity.

Mysterion had trusted him to make sure his identity was kept a secret, but it was kind of hard to do when Kyle didn't even know. How was he supposed to find out if anyone else knew when he didn't even know? Despite the difficulties, Kyle managed to pull through. He knew better than to ask Mysterion to reveal himself. He felt like he was taking advantage of this whole situation by being the only one Mysterion had really come into contact with.

Kyle's head was starting to ache and his eyes were burning from staring at the computer screen so much, so he decided it was time to take a little break. As soon as he removed the headphones, he heard a click on his window. He looked at it and saw Mysterion open it. He hurried inside, closing the window behind him and blocking it. Mysterion looked haggard.

Luckily it didn't hit like it just jumped. He looked extremely tired and Kyle couldn't help but feel a kind of sympathy for him. "Man you look dead" Kyle commented and Mysterion just chuckled in amusement. "May well be". He responded, clearing his throat, not sure he could speak in a way that would hide all aspects of his identity.

Kyle realized that quickly. "You can lie on my bed if you want. You also don't have to talk if your voice hurts." Kyle got up from his computer chair and led Mysterion to the bed and sat on the end of the mattress while Mysterion lay on his back and breathed in relief.

There was a moment of pure stillness and Kyle felt Mysterion lay still on his bed and decided he would lie down too, his eyes fixed on the blank ceiling and his legs dangling off the bed, barely touching the floor. "Kyle?" Mysterion asked, to which Kyle responded with a "Yes?" to let him know that he is listening.

"You want to know who I am?" Mysterion asked and Kyle was silent for a while. "I mean, yeah I do. It would make the search easier. But I don't know man, I'm fine without it. I really don't care." Kyle explained his perspective and Kyle couldn't help but get flustered when Mysterion's only response was a short and just humming.

He then felt Mysterion sit up and then did the same. They looked directly into each other's eyes. "Can you close the doors and draw the curtains?" Mysterion asked hoarsely, but Kyle could see that he was weakening. Kyle nodded and did exactly as told. Kyle could feel him getting nervous and butterflies in his stomach. He hated to admit it, but he had a bit of a crush on Mysterion ever since they started working together.

They sat across from each other on Kyle's bed. Kyle noticed that Mysterion was also nervous, so he smiled softly at him, hoping that would cheer him up. He looked closely at Mysterion, then wrapped his gloved hands around the edges of his hood and pulled it down to reveal the familiar messy blonde hair, and as soon as Mysterion's mask fell, Kyle's jaw dropped.

There sat one of his closest friends, Kenny. The same Kenny who wore a perka no matter what the temperature or where they went. The same Kenny who works different jobs after school and on the weekends just so his dad can drink beer. The same Kenny she had waited with at the bus stop for as long as she could remember. The same Kenny who hid porn magazines under his bed. And Kyle just couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe he hadn't figured it out sooner.

"Kenny…" Kyle sighed, still processing everything. Kenny gave him a nervous, toothy smile. "Hi, Kyle." Kenny's real voice rang in Kyle's ears and his face flushed slightly. He couldn't remember the last time he'd heard Kenny's voice clearly without his perk interfering. In Kyle's opinion, Kenny was a very handsome guy. He didn't know why he was covering himself so much, but he thought it was insensitive of him to ask. "Oh, wow." Finally Kyle spoke.

"Is that what you expected?" Kenny asked with a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his neck. Kyle's mouth went dry when he had to speak, so he just nodded and licked his lip. "No, but now I feel stupid for not waiting for it," Kyle laughed. Kenny raised an eyebrow but still smiled. "Why?" he asked curiously and moved closer to Kyle.

"Because! You're… I don't know! Sounds like something Kenny would do." Kyle shrugged, unable to put his thoughts into words the way he wanted to, but Kenny smiled at his words and Kyle swore he saw that her cheeks would fill up when doing it.

"You look…pretty good without the hood," Kyle commented. He planned to keep it in his head, but it seems like he didn't have much control over it this time, which caused his face to turn red.

"Wait, I didn't mean that… No, wait! I meant it! I find you attractive, wait, no! I mean, I like it, but I don't like it…" Kyle groaned loudly and sank. face in hands embarrassed. Kenny laughed and Kyle felt humiliated because he thought Kenny was laughing at him. Which he technically was, but not in a bad way. Kenny actually found it flattering.

"Thank you, Kyle," Kenny said in a tone so soft it was music to Kyle's ears. He uncovered his face and his stomach dropped as he admired the kind expression he had never seen on the blonde before.

To Kyle's surprise, Kenny had his hood down as he chatted with his friends at the bus stop. "Hello Kyle!" Stan called out to him as he approached them. "Hi Stan. Hi…Kenny…" Kyle was still confused as to why he had decided to remove his hood. It was really unusual. "Look at him! Kinny has taken off her hood! He looks even poorer than usual!" Cartman laughed, but Kyle didn't even notice. "Shut up, Cartman! No, not him! Stan said, supporting Kenny, which made Kenny smile.

"Kenny says he's trying to impress someone! He got compliments on his face or something. Stan whispered to Kyle to tell him.

Kyle blushed a bright red as he shifted his gaze from Stan to Kenny, who already seemed to be looking at him with the same smile he'd received the night before.

"Well I'm sure they'll be very impressed," Kyle smiled at Kenny then looked ahead. "Yeah! Who knew Kenny could be so handsome, huh?" Stan laughed. But Kyle couldn't agree. He always found Kenny attractive, jolly or not. , it was just an advantage for him to like the poor but protective and kind boy from South Park.

"Kinny looks like a fagot... oh man..." Cartman laughed, not realizing that the very person he was talking shit about was standing right next to him, fully capable of hearing every comment and whisper he made. Kyle looked at Cartman and then at Kenny, who was looking at the snow with an unamused expression, but the more Kyle looked, the more disappointment he saw on Kenny's face. And when Kyle saw Kenny's hands slowly move from his side to the edges of his Perka hood, Kyle called out his name.

"Kennie!" He said. However, he wasn't sure what to say after his friends looked at him with sudden outburst. Luckily the bus arrived to rescue Kyle and they all got on.

Kyle thought class would never end, but when he heard the last bell of the day ring, he wasted no time jumping out of his chair, grabbing his backpack, and running out of class with the other students, who seemed just as eager to get out of class. lesson how he did it. He breathed in the cool breeze as he walked through the double doors of the school. Kyle heard his name being called, and as he looked down the sidewalk, he saw Stan waving both hands at him, signaling for him to come closer. Kyle and Stan used to come home together after school every day when Kyle wasn't at basketball practice. The redhead happily approached his best friend, but when they were about to leave the school, Kyle sensed that something was wrong, so he stopped.

Stan stopped in front of him, "Kyle?" he asked, confused. Kyle glanced at the students standing in groups or pairs in front of the school, but nothing familiar met his eyes. "Where's Kenny?" he asked turning to Stan, who shrugged in response. Kyle hummed and kept walking with Stan, pushing his concerns aside. He realized that he was a Mysterion somewhere, like every day. Stan and Kyle were neighbors, so Stan went to his house while Kyle went to the next house that was his.

He opened the door, unlocked it with a key, and locked it again as he entered. She saw her mother sitting in the living room and greeted her before going up to her room. He was originally going to take a shower, but changed his plans when he opened the door and saw Mysterion climb out the window with a huge scar running from the top left corner of his face to the bottom right corner and down the bridge of his nose. . . "My God!" Kyle ran over to the wounded man, helped him inside, closed the window, and locked it. "What the hell happened!?" He yelled in concern as he took Kenny's face in his hands and turned his face in different directions to see his scar. He was lucky that he passed well above and below his eye without obscuring his vision.

Without letting Kenny really answer his question, Kyle dragged him into the bathroom, locked the door, and rummaged through the drawers for the first aid kit. "Kyle, you don't have to. I'm fine." Kenny spoke, not Mysterion, Kenny. However, Kyle ignored his statement. "He could catch him and you could die," said Kyle, "I can't die, Kyle. This wasn't the first time Kenny had said those exact words until the point where Kyle actually started to believe him, "I don't care! What if... what if somehow you don't come back? Kyle accidentally missed it while he was treating the scar on Kenny's face.

Then there was silence.

The silence lasted until Kyle finally finished, luckily the scar wasn't deep, it looked more like a knife scratch than an actual cut. Any deeper and Kyle would have to take Kenny to the hospital, which Kenny often avoided for unknown reasons. “You care too much for me, Ky. Kenny smiled at him, sat on the toilet, and Kyle washed his hands and put away the first aid kit. "I do not." He said with a frown and Kenny just laughed. "Actually, I feel like I don't care enough about you," Kyle said with a sigh, turning to Kenny after wiping his hands on the towel that hung on the wall-mounted coat rack. He saw Kenny remove his hood and mask and fan himself with his hand for a moment. "Sometimes it's so hot in that outfit," Kenny laughed. Kyle smiled at the sight.

The two of them went to Kyle's room and made sure to keep the door closed and the curtains drawn for Kenny and Mysterion's sake. You can't stay here long; My mother will knock on my door at some point. Kyle explained. The two boys were lying on Kyle's bed, both legs dangling from the mattress and their backs pressed against Kyle's sheets. "Yeah…" Kenny sighed, feeling a little disappointed. Kyle realized that. "But you can sleep with me tomorrow. If you want," Kyle suggested, not daring to look at Kenny. Then it was time for Kenny to leave.

They both stood by Kyle's open window, Kenny putting on his mask, then pulling up his hood. However, Kenny did not leave immediately. Instead, he stepped forward and gently kissed Kyle's cheek with his lips. "Thank you for being someone I can trust" he whispered in her ear and then smiled at her as he walked away. Kyle's face flushed red again and he returned a bright smile. "Yeah, it's... no problem" he replied. Kenny waved goodbye and then jumped out of Kyle's window, leaving Kyle internally screaming at what had just happened.

Kyle fell asleep that night with a giddy smile and couldn't wait to see Kenny again in the morning.

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